P90x Lean Day One

Literally, just started, only did the first half of the chest and back session. This will definitely be challenge! Has anyone gone through the entire 90 days? How was it?

My motivation is my husband is coming home from his deployment in about 90 days and I'm surprising him with being able to PT with him! Also, I gotta start on a good 3 mile run time!

yellowmermaid yellowmermaid
26-30, F
2 Responses May 25, 2009

I'm starting tomorrow with chest and back 2! last Thursday I did a "preview" of doing 1 of the work outs and it was ROUGH... still sore from Thursday lol but I got the food in the fridge and ready to go all out tomorrow morning. Quick word on the supplements. I got some protein with a couple of extra mixed in vitmins/minerals at cosco(sam's club prolly have it 2) for $30. It has 76 servings in a 5 or 6lbs bag which is the best deal I've seen. Its EAS which is a reputable company too. I got some daily vitamins at Walgreens for cheap also. The recovery drink is great but I think if you dont have the money (i dont either lol) just by sticking to the DIET and not cheating...you'll be fine. Good luck tomorrow and we should keep up to encourage each other!

I bought a door-fr<x>ame chinup bar and a new yoga mat, so far that is it. They want you to get their supplements, but they are so expensive. So, I may do some research and get them on my own. I haven't used free weights yet, I'm going to borrow some from a friend next week.