Started P90x On 2/22 Anyone Else?

Hi! I started p90x on 2/22 and I am looking for someone(s) that started or will start around the same time. I am a 5'7" 165-170 lb 23 y/o. Age/sex doesn't matter to me I just want to start some sort of support system. I started out following the diet but I decided not to the past few days..I've been watching what I's just hard to eat as much as I'm supposed to on that nutrition plan and pre-plan food since I am a very picky eater. Any tips anyone has to offer are greatly appreciated =) Hope to hear from you soon so we can "bring it"! =)

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22-25, F
1 Response Feb 28, 2010

I started P90X about the same time. I'm about to start month 3 and I'm LOVING it! I could barely do 1 push up when I started and now I can do 100! I can't believe how much this stuff actually works! <br />
I'm now so passionate about the program that I just signed up to be a coach for Beachbody, so if you want to email me, we can stay in touch. It helps me to know people that are going through the same thing and we can help each other! Hey, and if you like it as much as I do, and want to make some money for all your referrals, I can help you with that too! :) Hope to hear from you soon and GREAT JOB!