What Is A Dominant Husband?

For me, being a dominant husband is listening to everything my wife has to say, and more often than not supporting her opinions, yet being the final decision maker in all decisions regarding my family. I expect 100% support from my wife with my decisions, but also being responsible for any consequences of those decisions as they develop.
For my wife and I, vigorous debate of serious matters is welcomed, however, in our relationship, my final decision is law.

While not the case for many families, in ours, we have elected to engage in domestic discipline. Being a dominant requires me to put forth clear rules and expectations, and then meating out firm but fair discipline of my wife as needed. At no point though, do I ever wish for my discipline to be percived be her as my dominance over her. I feel her, and all wives, deserve dignity and respect. If she ever wished for me to stop, I will.

The final matter that often comes up in dominant/submissive relationships is sexuality. For my wife and I, our two simple rules are not to deny one another without good reason, and to be open to experimenting with all forms of pleasure requested by one another. While we view each other equally, my being the male, I typically request more sex and naughtier practices from her then she does me.
William113009 William113009
26-30, M
Jan 18, 2013