On Your Knees Manservant

Nothing gives me more satisfaction then manipulating weak men in to doing whatever I tell them to do. I'm their addiction and they're just My serving wench. They're here to work for Me and entertain Me.
Weaklings should have no expectations of sexual release of any kind, nor making requests without asking permission!

Supporting my extravagant lifestyle is what a Godess like me deserves. Subs can only dream of girls like Me and it is a privilidge for them to obey, worship and serve Me. If a sub wants My attention, there's only one way--a Tribute. My time is precious. The more you pay the more you remain in my memory .... got it?

subs will work themselves in to the ground for Me! Going above and beyond is what I expect. Begging, whinning and crying for My attention won't work! I don't take kindly to excuses and big talk either--your actions will be your sounding board. Im here to control, humiliate and drain you--and of course laugh at you!

Not only am I interested in draining a sub's wallet, I'm interested in dominating their mind since I'm a highly intelligent and educated Dominant Woman. My primary joy is probing the darkest depths of a minion's psyche; finding the parts where they're weak and hurt and pushing down...mercilessly hahaha. But for Me, the allure isn't just the brutality of pain; it's the long term manipulation mixed with physical pain, humiliation, and psychological probing.

All subs will do what they're told and their obedience, worship and adoration will be rewarded by being allowed to continue to serve Me
MistressM06 MistressM06
31-35, F
Sep 11, 2012