As Has Been Said Before

I too am not the leather and pain kind of "Dom" one might think of more often.  I have more of a commanding presences and also " enjoy the willing obedience of another"!

The following is how it often goes with me:

When I enter the room you don't speak.  I say nothing but you know why I'm here, and all I have to do nod my head toward the floor and you better be on your knees ......... quickly!


I don't want to bind your hands and arms behind your back unless I have to!  So you instinctively clasp your hands behind your back to please me.  You must please me using only your lips and tongue.  Can you do that for me?  Blind folded?  Good!


I'll place the blind fold on your head and cover you eyes..  You'll hear me move back in front of you , you sense my presence and hear my zipper go down.  Your senses are heightened as you can only anticipate what is to come. 


You'll breath in deeply, though your nose, trying  to catch the scent of my ****!  A **** you've longed for and will worship at my slightest glance.  A **** that just seems the fit your needs.


Quickly you open wide your mouth and stick you tongue out over you lower teeth, to guide it in.  Quickly,  Quickly,  or you'll fell the sting of my displeasure!  Seconds seem like hours as you maintain this posture at my pleasure, awaiting that moment that I place just the head of my **** on your tongue.


Just  the head, no more!  You know that I want you take your time and savor each and every square centimeter of my ****, as I slowly, slowly feed my **** over your tongue.... past your lips... into your palate and finally just touching the back of your throat.  You agonize and fight the instinct to impale yourself on my **** and slurp and slobber recklessly until you get your reward.    Fight the instinct, or you'll feel the sting!


You hear my commands, "Use your tongue on just my head!".  Make it wet!  You do as your mind is reeling and you are dizzy with excitement,  You know you must fight the delirious desire,  to lose your balance or pass out with my **** in you mouth.  you work your tongue loving all over the head carefully not to pass the the coronal ridge, to the shaft, until told to do so!


I wonder out loud if you're truely worthy of worshiping my **** with the devotion I demand before I feed you another inch...............
stevejohns stevejohns
51-55, M
Mar 13, 2010