I Wasn't Into It...

I didn't like being shoved around and told what to do at first. I didn't like being force fed a **** or having a **** shoved in my *** without my permission. My hubby had a friend, Nick, who was being released from prison for fraud stay with us for a couple days. At the time I was only shared with his younger brother Ben who likes to degrade me so when my hubby asked if I
d be willing to **** Nick since he was in prison for so long and hasn't had a woman. I told my hubby I didn't really want to be shared with other men yet, but promised I'll do it as I get more use to being shared. That night my hubby came home with not only Nick, but also one of Nick's friends, David, who was just recently released and would be staying with us for the night til he contacts his family. That night the 3 of them were drinking and talking out in our living room while I was in the room sleeping. My hubby only drinks on occassions and for this occassion he was really drunk. He came in smelling like alcohol and woke me up to tell me he was horny. I laid on my back and let my hubby climb on and shove his **** into my mouth. I was taking my hubby's **** when all of a sudden the door opens and Nick comes in. Seems they were waiting for my hubby to return from calling a hooker to come over. I try to push my hubby off but he won't move. He tells Nick I'm better then any hooker out there and I'm free so call in David. Nick calls David in, and pulls my pajamas off. My hubby had take his **** in my mouth so I couldn't stop Nick from spreading my legs and shoving his **** in. I don't know why, but inside me I was getting really excited. My hubby tells David to get ready to hop in my mouth as he gets off so that I don't resist that much. As soon as he got off, David jumps right in and shoves his **** in my mouth. My hubby laid next to me telling me how much of a good girl I was, and to just take it for him and his friends. I was ****** like an animal that night by those 3. Being forced to take their ***** and not being able to do anything about it made me feel so horny I didn't try resisting so much. I let his friends use me up like hungry animals. After this day I found myself day dreaming about being taken by force or being a **** toy for my hubby and whoever...
Jennyxoxo Jennyxoxo
26-30, F
2 Responses May 15, 2012

Very sexy story!

Hot story,got me hard.Training my asian gf to be like you.