Should I Confess And Should I Expect A Punishment?

I have posted a few stories this week about our home life and about punishments my husband has given me for bad behaviour.

I have done this without his knowledge or permission.

I don't really want to confess but we do practice domestic discipline so maybe I really should?
Do you think I should and do you think he should punish me? He spanked me hard at the weekend for really bad behaviour over the weekend (one of the stories I posted) and I am still quite sore. I don't really want another spanking.

Also I am really getting alot out of hearing from other submissive women and one or two dominant husbands so would not want him to forbid me to come on here. But he is my husband and I guess by not sharing ith him and checking he is OK with my sharing aspects of our life I am being deceitful.

Advice please
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I thought it would be interesting to comment. I am 'the husband' and have just joined EP today, partly so I can keep a closer eye on my wife!

I can see why she enjoys sharing and the support her comments provide.

Welcome. Look forward to any contributions you might care to make.

You're new at this, I can tell, and still think that getting whacked is cute. Here's my tip for when reality kicks in - never admit to doing anything that you KNOW for sure will get you in trouble. Never argue with his decision, either way. If you simply have to be horribly honest but yearn to do something that might possibly **** him off, sound him out first; not after the event. (Most rules are there for a reason, and you should already understand the theory behind them.) By all means confess if you're feeling the guilt, but never ask him to punish you. If he susses out you're 'topping from the bottom' you may get a whole lot more than you bargained for. Good luck

It ended well. I finally plucked up courage and told him. He was great. I showed him the stories. He thought it was cute that I'd shared my drawings! He liked reading my account of our life in my stories. He set me some boundaries which is fair I think. I did get a spanking for lying by omission and not telling him before I started posting stuff and actually it alleviated my guilty feelings. He also forbade me from checking in for a couple of days, also fair I think. Thanks for all the advice xxx

Glad everything worked out well!

Me too! Thank you ladies. It is great to have new friends who understand the way we want to live and who I can talk to about stuff x x x

Part of DD is communication, and accountability. You do not expect him to watch your every move. So confession is in I'm afraid. I found this really difficult in the beginning. Oh who am I kidding I hate being wrong I still find it hard.
My husband and I agree that not confessing is the same as lying by omission. So that really put it in perspective for me. Each relationship is different so the two of you might want to discuss what he wants you to confess. Be it the big things or everything. Good Luck sweetie. Hugs

I definitely believe that not only should you tell him but you have an obligation to do so. However, I do not believe that it should constitute a punishment. You have entered into a DD relationship with your husband and it's only natural for you to want to communicate with others in like relationships. The only aspect of communicating with other that could lead to punishment is if you were not being discreet like telling your best friend where you live or someone at a club where it could cause embarrassment for your husband and family.


Thanks for the advice. I'm thinking about it.

I think maybe I should tell him, and he'll probably understand if I tell him that this contact with other submissive wives is enriching my life, but I'm worried he might give me a spanking on my already sore behind. I know he might not, but he was so mad with me this weekend I don't know that I dare risk it.

I think I might just put it off a while! In my heart of hearts I think that I know that not telling him goes against the spirit of the life we lead and I know that not doing the right thing for fear of discipline is just missing the whole point! I'm working up to it. I wonder if he will see this as a spanking offence or just let me off when I explain. He's an amazing guy, maybe I'm worrying about nothing! I'll let you know when I've figured out what to do for the best and how it pans out. xx

Think, based on your mutual commitment, that you need to tell your husband. Take a deep breath, muster up whatever courage you need to give him an honest assessment of what you have been doing and why. I personally think communicating honestly with others, sharing thoughts and experiences is a good thing. But, it's certainly not important to what I think. If you feel, and your expressed thoughts seem to indicate you do, that he should know about your communications about your marriage ... then you need to explain it to him in the best and most truthful manner that you can. At least that my advice. Your the only one who can really make the right decision for you. Whatever that is, in the long run if your honest with yourself, you'll be able to feel some peace of mind for doing the right thing.

he must not beat you. . a man never hits a women. . other wise he is not man. . .
secondly in my case my gf had online relationship with a few guys and i did know that but i never told her. . . i am still waiting her to tell me all of that stuff by herself even though i had told her hundred times that even if someone was there it doesnt matters i would still love her(cause most of man can't stand with this fact that his lady has been with other guy)

some day you will have to tell him about this and being a true woman you must not see other guys for love be his always. . .

Thanks, No I would never have an on line relationship. I Love my husband and he loves me. He would never beat me, but occasionally he does spank me for discipline. This is on the bottom, and although I understand some people may disagree, my husband and I believe it is natural between a husband and wife and that it reinforces not undermines our very strong bond of love, trust and respect. I have consented to this type of relationship with all my heart and he has never been abusive.

I ask the question because trust is the foundation of our love and although this new outlet for my experiences, feelings and thoughts has in a very short time given me a feeling of belonging somewhere and a chance to reflect and just chat, I am unsure as to weather it is acceptable to share stories of our life, baring in mine the context of out marriage, without his permission

Thanks for the comments