Time For Some Dessert

About a week ago I had accidentally done something that had upset my wife, we both felt badly about it. She said, all is fine but because of that any time you leave the house in the next two weeks you will come home with a new pair of panties. When you get home you will put on a show in them for me and then I'm going to peg you in them.

So a few nights ago when my wife and I were getting ready to go out to the movies she reminded me that I would be out of the house, so a pair of panties was required. I started to protest, that it would be fine except that she had also invited her father along. I'm thinking of how this is going to happen without the dad finding out. He doesn't have a clue I wear panties all the time. But, I wasn't going to win, so panties it was!

We got out of the movie rather late and now I'm kinda panicking thinking were do I get some panties at this hour. Then it dawned on me that there was one of those all night big box type stores not to far out of the way. "How about I stop for some dessert," kinda inspired I thought.

Luckily, they waited in the car while I ran in to get "dessert" ....and some panties. There lots of panties, and on sale too. Plenty of slutty ones. I perused the rack, selected a cream thong with a black lacy skirt, five bucks! Not Victoria Secrets prices. Now a guy buying dessert and slutty panties at midnight is a bit odd--but, hey it's a store they sell stuff, right. The very cute and young checkout girl gave me quite the look as I went through the line. I was almost tempted to say that they were for me, but no words were actually spoken, just a roll of her eyes and a look of, "what the ****".

The panties were slipped into my coat pocket on the way to the car and the ol' dad was none the wiser. I know my wife was quietly laughing her *** off. "Found something good for dessert honey," she said, as I got into the car.

After dessert, she had her "dessert", and I got my just desserts on my knees.

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love the "panties for dessert" theme! Keep it up!