Delicious Domination

It was my fantasy for years, and she was already the dominant one in the bedroom, but I didn't know how to go further. What to do next?  I'm not sure I even knew what I wanted until I found a web site entitled, " Around her finger ". Suddenly everything made sense, I knew what I wanted and even how to go about asking her for it. I printed up a bunch of pages and presented them to her and to my surprize she was interested. We started slowly, following guide lines we found on many FLR sites, and things grew and matured into a nice comfortable lifestyle. That lasted for a full year. I was happy, but not completely fullfilled. I craved more domination and control from my wife. The evening after we celebrated our one year anniversary, ( FLR ), she called me into the bedroom and told me to kneel before her and listen closely. She said I'd proved  to her I was serious about this lifestyle and she was now ready to take full control of me and our marriage. She ordered me to get naked and lay face up on our bed. She then started stroking me and bringing me closer and closer to an ******. As she did she laid down the law. I would ask permission to do virtually anything and everything. I would obey her every whim without question or hesitation. I would be on an allowance and not spend a penny without her prior approval. Even my ******* belonged to her. I was to be her total slave! If I agreed , there was no going back. A new life as her obedient servant awaited me. What could I say? She had me at the edge of ******, but wouldn't let me *** until I agreed. I said ,"YES!" She let me explode and scream in ecstacy. Then Reality. I was to be completely dominated, everyday, every week, every month, always. Well so far so good. I trust my wife, I mean Mistress, with my life, and it has been a fantastic experiance. I look forward to the future and years of her loving domination.  To be continued....

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It is with much regret that my update is not what we had hoped for. My beautiful wife contracted an extended illness that left her disabled and unable to dominate herself, let alone me. I love her and stand beside fer now as her keeper...but we go on.

I am very sad to hear that. I hope things do improve.

An update on the present state of affairs, if you may?

Yes, this is the life i enjoy too! Happily led by my wife/Mistress. told to do whatever she wants, and taught to anticipate her needs, not just wait for her instructions. You'll be very happy, but be sure to write back and tell us more!

Has she cuckolded you yet?

Better than ever!

Perfection. Text book switcharoo. ;) Im happy for you. Still looking myself for that woman. Just a bit scared of presenting the idea to the next one i meet. Last time almost worked but ended with her leaving me. After many years as well so its not easy, but knowing where true happines lies i just have to grab the bull by the horns and try again.<br />
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Seeing your post is almost a year going now - is everything good still between you two?<br />
<br />
Regards<br />