**** it! i am not goign to let everyone who claims to be my friend, and who i'd trust enough to let them into my heart, treat me like a god damn doormat. i aint fuckiong doing it anymore! im so sick of being walked all over, and stepped on, i did nothing to deserve that kind of treatment. i care deeply about my friends, and do anything in the world for them, and i always will, but im sick of being screwed over, and walked all over, im just not going to do it anymore! im sick of it! its not fair to me, i won't treat someone like that, and i don't deserve to be treated like it! im sick of being tossed aside, and only talked too, when someone else needs me,not when i need someone. i try not shutting the world out, and keep it all in, but the more i try not to, the more, i get a door slammed in my face, saying, **** you, and go away.

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Feb 8, 2010