I'm 21 and still a virgin, I didn't mind it then but then I hear people that fell in love with in the past have lost theirs and also among friends. I feel left behind. At this point I'm willing to be used by any girl out there.

There was a time where I came close to losing my virginity with someone I truly loved but she said she didn't want to have sex until marriage or at least at 22, and I respected her request and we just stuck to foreplay.

It's been 3 years since then and I've been craving sex since then and sometimes even before my ex. I tried to reign in these hormones but what's the point when the people you fall in love with lose their virginity to someone that's not you?

I've been contemplating on this for a while now, and I honestly want to lose my virginity now. Everyone keeps telling me that I need to get laid because I've been depressed for the longest time and now is the time. I'm ready and willing, I just want to lose it already.

If any girl is willing, then just pm me.
Poorschmuck Poorschmuck
22-25, M
Aug 29, 2014