Karen I Am Done With Your Drama

my twin sister karen always has drama going on
shes pulled so much drama stuff , i wished she would pull her life together
and stop all the drama . her life is a train wreck every day and i see the train comming
shes a mess . i love you sis but your drama is draining me and donald.
 i wished you would seddle down and just be happy in life
and find what turly makes you happy . i always pray for her .
lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
2 Responses Jul 20, 2010

I know you love your sis, and surely she knows! She has got to be aware of all the drama, how couldn't she? I had a sister-in-law that managed to keep everything stirred up so well that when holidays rolled around, by the time my kids were school age, they would ask if Aunt Tomi gonna be there (meaning my in-law's house) before we went to visit, because they knew? If she was, there would be a lot of excitement! Take care of you, don't let it get too upsetting. K? Love ya!

HI there i have a very wicked twin sister and eventhough we are now living far apart from each other I dont know but i guess it is fate that is connecting us back.