Drama For Your Mama

When I was a yonger person drama was a part of my everyday life.......usually because I was hanging out with the wrong crowd of people. Now I am cool and chill. No drama here, I avoid it like the plague. If I see some drama going down on the sidewalk, I go the other direction. I just dont have any room in my life for all that b.s. I got a Ph. D to achieve, who has time from drama......drama is for those who have nothing better to do with themselves.:)

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5 Responses Feb 25, 2010

I so agree. Thx for sharing. u r inspiring!!

girl you said a mouthful. Women in their 30's should be more mature about all the drama. But drama does make the world go round, but doesn't get anything accomplished. Distractions from drama keeps us from fullfilling our goals and dreams. Unnecessary drama doesn't get us anywhere, but walking the walk does.

thank you all for your woderful feedback

I agree! Sadly drama and bad crowds sometimes camoflages itself pretty well...

I'm a special ed. teacher who works with teenage girls. I have declared my room a "No Drama Zone." The girls love it and hold eachother to it. There can be all sortys of commotion out in the hall, but once they enter my room they know I won't put up with it. Now if I could just teach some of the adults around me to cut it out! :-)