some people see kindness & trust as a weakness , they home in on it like parasites , use it & abuse it then move on , trouble is if you do not think like a parasite ,  you do not see it coming until it is to late . It challenges your faith in human nature & your ability to trust again , but i am determined not to change for them , if you find true friends ,cherish them .

satman satman
46-50, M
3 Responses Feb 25, 2009

I completely agree! I've always been the "too nice" one and try to get along with everyone, but my "friends" would rather hang out with women that are total snide ******* when I've always gone more than out of my way to be there for them and it has never once been appreciated. Enough - I'm done! Much happier spending time with my husband and pets and to hell with everyone else.

Well said! I can really relate. Through the years ive been dealt my fair share of users, and parasites. Id say only over the past 4 years have i found true friends, who have proven themselfs beyond belief, the kind who are there when the going gets tough, and i will cherish them.

Over the years, I can spot those people. I have very few close friends for just that reason. I used to trust very easily, and sometimes still do, however, I am much more cautious as I get older.