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I had a friend I used to work with - we got along great but every once in awhile she'd start to get negative and disgruntled at work.  And tried to bring me down in her misery too.  She lost her job and we still kept in touch. I would suggest employment agencies for her to go to and would just shoot down all of my ideas. She was just "miss doom and gloom".  It was frustrating!

When we'd talk on the phone it was always about her, all of her problems and mishaps and miserable life.  Who cares about me?  Cept she'd love to criticize me about everything. 

She had been out of a job and I was also on a job hunt. When I got a job before she did - she got all bitter and told a mutual friend (who is also no longer her friend) that I don't need this job because my husband works (yeah and??).  She deserves it more.  Well, I got wind of it and was pissed and hurt.  The funny thing is that this mutual friend of ours helped get her a job at her work place and she quit the same day.  So um who doesn't need to work??

She contacted me about a month later and I didn't say too much was a little distant. She sent me an email asking me what was wrong.  So I told her what was bothering me.  Which is a big step for me because ordinarily I would have let it go.

Her response was 'I know what transpired in that conversation and I'll leave it at that'.

She apologized and I accepted but I left it at that.  At that point, I knew things wouldn't be the same.  I felt better and at peace with no more phone calls and the "woe is my life" stuff.  I just shut her out. She tried to manipulate me into talking to her by sending me email that would **** me off so I could react.  Whatever! I didn't fall for the BS anymore!

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It's been awhile since I've been on here but I no longer to talk to this woman anymore. It's so nice and peaceful. I have another story I will have to post about yet another "friend". I keep thinking maybe I'm the one with the problem.

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How come they call them selves friends when they simply don't care ??<br />
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i think what you did is best for you , and i think ur right , sometimes it's better to let it go , but other times , you need to say something , before things get worse ..