Flattening Fists, Thumb Behind the Back of My Palm Etc...

I love using my double jointed fingers to freak people out! It's just something I do! If someone is annoying me, I will flap my hand up and down, and keep my fingers loose- because I'm double jointed, my fingers just flatten themselves down onto my palm, which makes a high sounding clapping noise. The reason most people call it one hand clapping or the clap thing.

I can move my thumb around behind my knuckle on my index finger. All of my fingers/toes can click if I want them to.

With my other hand I can press my fingers down, so someone who doesn't have double jointed fingers, if they pressed down, they wouldn't be able to go past the 90 degree point of their fingers and knuckles- I can go beyond that (I hope you understand what I'm try to describe!) I can do that thing, with the tips of my fingers moving inwards without the rest of my hand moving and if I hold my hand up, and move my little finger as far forward as I can and then backwards, keeping it at the same level, really fast, it kind of 'pops' into position each time (no sound- just the movement)

I don't know where from or how I can do this... None of my family can. The only thing interesting my dad can do with his hand is pop his thumb in and out- which is gross too! 

Another thing weird (but not to do with my double jointed fingers) is the skin on the back of my hand. If I pinch and pull it, it will stretch for maybe 4cm or something weird. My friends say I'm like play dough!!!

They've tried it with skin on my neck/face/arms/legs/feet/nose and things- and its the same. Its very unusual.

Well- that's me for you... unusual! 

DanielxKatie DanielxKatie
13-15, F
Mar 8, 2009