I've Been "Double Diapered" 24/7 Eversince I Was Old Enough To Go To School.

In fact, i think my mom was double (cloth) diapering me a year or two earlier. possibly as early as three years old. i just can't remember that far back. but, i do remember my mom trying to explain to me why i needed "bigger" diapers for school. and i recall, that double diapering became the norm from then on, until i was around 10 years old, when more diapers or "soakers" would be added to the double diapering from then on.

i was almost 19 years old when my mom passed away, and i finally had to deal with changing my own diapers. and since i wouldn't be changing my diapers as often as my mom had always changed my diapers. i've gone on to enjoying my life wearing SETS of thick adult sized multi-layered rectangular shaped birdseye cotton prefold style diapers with 3-5 kitchen size terry cloth "soakers" inserted in between.

sure, there's no way to hide the absolutely obvious "DIAPER LINES" from showing through my clothes, or my diapers from peeking out from the leg openings of my shorts etc.. but, after wearing highly visible cloth diapers 24/7 all of my life. there's nothing that anyone has said or done, to ever make me want to risk wearing diapers that could leak, just to show a little less. in fact, the pleasures i enjoy from wearing and using my thick sets of diapers everyday and night. overcome anything that being seen wearing them has ever been said to me. and, our kids have grown up to feel the sameway as i do. if you take a look at my photo albums in my profile here on ep. you'll get a better idea of how i enjoy being more than just "double diapered" at home, at work, and everywhere else.

thanks for bringing this subject up.

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That does sound like a fun time. I've never had the pleasure of wearing double cloth diapers out and about. Only the newer disposables. <br />
<br />
But I love wearing double cloth diapers at home.