My Everything

It took my innocence,
Took my will to live,

In turn for misery
And a shattered heart

It took one hit
And I couldn't imagine life without it

It was like everything fell into place
For a mere six hours

But it took my everything
Got me to steal from my heart(my family)

I traded it for life
For a group that gives a **** whether I'm dead or alive
Kidd12 Kidd12
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 8, 2012

Wow! I can relate. Any thing that keeps us where we do not want to be is not living only existing and surviving.

So true! I honestly want to write a book on my whole road of recovery...
It would mean so much for my experience to help someone else out there understand what addicts go through and also to help an addict understand they are not alone.