I Just Want To Be A Better Honky

I didn't read it in a book, and I was not offended
If anthing I thought it was cool, or maybe just funny.
It was alresdy here when I joined the game and set about learning the rules
Now it made sense, all the laser eyed stares when I spoke as a friend out of turn.
suddenly clear were the invisible fences designed to force the issue of choice
where we all should be choosing as one.
A century bled as the dirt under the rug became an impassable bump in the road.
Kicking and screaming with white knuckled bony hands, the old guard held
fast to the hem of the veil, but in the fierce tug of war the veil of truth was pulled free,
and it fell upon the old guard like a shroud, but the bony white knuckled hand of the guard was alive and held fast.Waiting.
I took no offense to this reference to hate, as i'm told is it's single intent, and
I consulted Daniel Webster to define how this pertains tome, and low and behold I
found it in print, the *** for tat nickname of hate, and that being said I accepted my
legacy and wiped the slate clean again, and put many old resentments to rest.
With new vision I face a knew day, and I just want to be a better honky.
Dennisogle Dennisogle
46-50, M
Jan 31, 2013