All The Way To Everywhere By Dennis Ogle

I followed my soul to the end of infinity
and stood fast on the edge of everything
I looked back for a last look at home,but
I had to shut my eyes to see it.
I made my way to the bottom of the top
and looked at the satelites of the sun
Transfixed on the complex simplicity of
this grand design,
I went back to the edge of everyhthing
and turned my back to the end of infinity
Then I opened my eyes and I knew I could rest,
I knew I had time to choose, time to know.
No fear or worry came upon me as I searched
the deepest darkness for the brightest light.
The light shines on my random destination.
But I have time, and from here I can see
all the way to everywhere.
Dennisogle Dennisogle
46-50, M
Feb 2, 2013