I Quit This Sh*t


I quit trying.

I quit crying.

I quit giving so much to you.

I quit caring what you do.

I quit hearing what you say.

You make no sense, anyway.

I quit feeling you, deep inside.

Now my heart knows where to hide.

I quit wishing you would choose,

To love me more than the booze.

I quit missing all the things.

That I thought true love brings.

I quit it all, and now I see.

You had already quit on me.

HeavenBesideYou HeavenBesideYou
41-45, F
14 Responses Oct 10, 2008

hugs.. i guess with time ppl see more clearly.. u really write very good*

Thank you Dan, you have been a huge help to me throughout all of this. Hugs.

The thing is Quiet, the strength is there, inside of you, and you better find it. Strap it on, girlfriend. Use super glue if you need to. It is part of how they roll, keeping you weak, beneath them somehow. You need to stop rolling with him and stand up and make sure you count. To yourself, if to no one else, you have to count. Big Hugs Girl. Huge Ones.

How did you find the stregth? When I think I have found it I go weak in the knees. I always have the thought things will change, when the kids move, when the income gets better, bla bla, whatever. I find excuses to stay. How do I get over that?

Thanks so much Just Different. Hugs.

Very nice, and although I know it was written from the perspective of a "survivor spouse", it is so "universal", in that it fits ANY relationship, where the other person has just given up. Nice job, Heaven.

Thanks Dan. I know you can relate. Hugs.

Thanks so much everyone! It was written quite a while ago actually, but I was encouraged by my good friend Redman to post some more of this stuff... It is a hard thing to deal with, being married to someone who is spending his life inside a beer can, glad I am well on my way out of it. Hugs Everybody!!!!

Exceptional woman !


Very Nice and very true.......<br />

The last line says it all perfectly. They gave up long ago.....<br />
This is so perfectly written HBY<br />

You say that so well. Thanks for sharing.

Ahhhh awakening!!!! Feels like sh*t at first but it gets better. I love you girl. . .