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      How are you?  No, really - how the hell are you?  Me, I'm hangin' in...  I've started this group in an effort to give folks a place to post their poems, stories, and writings about recovery.  ( And, no, I don't really give a damn, if I'm the only one who ever has the "kahangas" big enough to post here.  I talk to my self all the time - what difference does this make?  )   What kind of recovery?  Oh, we don't care, ( we're picky in here ), and we don't judge, either.  ALL are welcome.  The only "requirements" to post here, are that you be honest, real, and kind.  I think that there is nothing so uniquely human, and magnificently noble, not to mention humbling as hell, as a struggling soul.  Have a little compassion and tolerance, please, for those who dare to spill their guts, for you to pick through.  *Please remember that this is not the place for formal critiques, or debates!  It is merely a place to share, commiserate, and hopefully even inspire. 


Blessed Be.

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2 Responses Nov 13, 2007

Anytime, and welcome to The Rabbit Hole.

About recovering from Dormatitis? The inability to say and stand up for one's self again - lol? No, really - I just started taking back my personal power. I was "brow-beaten" for so long - I started to believe I deserved it!!!! Thanks for your posting - I Love It! All the Best!!!

Right back @ ya! *Yeah, learning 2 shrug off that old guilt & put it where it belongs - squarely on the shoulders of the abuser is 1 of the 1st steps N the right direction.