Here, I'll Go First...

* Author's note : I never title anything I write, nor do I ever"claim" it; I am one of the many "Anonymous-es" out there.  ( See, "anonymous" really is a woman!  LOL! )  However, in a place like this, it's sort of evident, who wrote what.  And, another thing, I never do - I  never "interpret", so please don't ask, I always leave that up to the reader.  Please know that most of these poems are "older material", ( I so seldom write anymore, due to time constraints ), also, this is NOT who I am anymore.  { Most of these were written back in my twenties. }  They are more of a "recovery journal", than anything else.


This is "Untitled #1"...


If you love something - set it free

This "we" that is "me",  was not by choice

The razor is our friend, and freedom

At times,  it was our only voice



We've got so many scars

We no longer feel the pain

A phoenix with three heads

We are the Tribe of Cain



This is the Psalm Of The Children

A song for those who could not tell

Now, all the cages are empty

And all the keepers are in hell



Silence is a prison of fear

I once made for my friends and me

The flesh is a doorway...

If you love something - set it free.

JusDifferent JusDifferent
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5 Responses Nov 13, 2007

wow...u are so right...sometimes silence is a prison of fear.. .<br />
thanks for sharing this and creating this group too

Thank U, Luv

You are stirring up old memories. Don't ever change - stay just as sweet as you are.

Wow, did that ever remind me of how I used to be.

Oh, ( "cyberblushing" ), you are always too kind to me.