At The Moment

At the moment there's one thing for me

only one thing that will set me free

I'm ready to walk straight out that door

cause right now I can't take anymore.


I'm not a rag just to abuse

Try if you must, but I will refuse

I'm a person dad, why can't you see

that gradually you are killing me.


Do you ever wonder why I always cry?

Did you care when you saw I wanted to die?

I needed help but you didn't care

all this pain is too much to bear.


You are no help - I cope alone

Is it that your heart is stone?

Maybe you just can't face your fears

face the fact I can't stop my tears.


Face the fact you broke my heart

face the fact you've torn me apart.

Maybe it is that you hurt too

But who hurts more - me or you?


I am your child and you should see

There's so much anger inside of me

Dad I need help out of this mess

Just quit the crap - you don't know best.


If you were even half a father

you would blame him - my darling brother.

Cause he hurt me and took my life

Left me here holding a knife.


Deciding whether to cut or not

Keep on fighting or quit the lot.

So dad what is it - will you help me out

Don't leave me standing here in doubt.


Cause I'm on the edge about to fall

It's up to you to play the ball

Help me live or push me down

Help me smile or let me frown.


Dad, make the choice - it's in you court

shall I just cut my life short?

Would you be content if I was gone

If I am weak, will you be strong.


If I am far, will you be near

throw me out or hold me dear

It's up to you - please make your choice

Speak now - let me hear your voice.


It's not up to me what will be done

If I lose, I'll admit you've won

I'll give in if that's what you need

You are the flower, I'm just the seed.


You've had you chance to grow and bloom

But you've left me in a darkened room

So ultimately you've made your decision

To kill me - Was that your mission?

escapingmemories escapingmemories
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

This is a fine poem. Has your dad read it? I hope so and I would sure like to know his reaction if he did read it. All the best to you. I don't know what the rest of your life will be like, but I hope and hope sincerely that it will be pleasant. Heaven knows you have not known much happiness so far. I hope you know only happiness in the future.

Why is it, the 1s we love, always seem 2 hurt us the most, eh?