Lawyers 2 Start Cause They R Funny

Two lawyers had been stranded on a deserted island for several months. The
only other thing on the island was the tall coconut tree, which provided
them their food. Each day, one of the lawyers climbed to the top of the
tree, to see if he could see a rescue boat coming.
 One day, the lawyer yelled down from the tree, "Wow! I can't believe my
eyes! I don't believe this is true!"
 The lawyer on the ground was skeptical and said, "I think you're
hallucinating and you should come down right now."
 So, the lawyer reluctantly climbed down the tree and told his friend that
he had just seen a naked blonde woman floating face up headed toward their
 The other lawyer started to laugh, thinking his friend had surely lost his
mind. But, within a few minutes up to the beach floated a naked blonde
woman, face up, totally unconscious.
 The two lawyers went over to her and one said to the other, "You know,
we've been on this island for months now without a woman. It's been a long you think we should, you know, screw her?"
 The other lawyer glanced down at the totally naked woman and asked, "Out of

I will add to as time goes on!

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haha - good lawyer joke.....