Fell 20 Feet Out A Window.

I was staying overnight in an old hotel while attending a friends wedding On October 6th 2012. Had a great day/night but drank too much alcohol and managed to fall 20 feet out the window while having a cheeky wee cigarette.
I lay on the frozen ground for a long time then somehow managed to get up, go back up all the stairs and back to bed.
Early next morning I woke (yes woke!) in mortal agony and got my friend to phone for an ambulance.
Turned out I had crushed T12 and broke T11.
I endured all the same stuff as you did, the catheter, tube down nose/throat (and try swallowing that when your as dry as a cork from alcohol dehydration), lay in local hospital for 3 days totally out of it with morphine before being transferred by helicopter to Glasgow as I live in the highlands of Scotland.
Op went well and in brace 3 days later which was great because I was well needing to poo by then, I could not bring myself to do it the way the nurses wanted me to!!
Was back home within 10 days of the accident.
Went back to Glasgow last week and got the shock of my life when I saw the x ray! I had been in total denial and had not taken any of the information the doctors had told me.
Bolts, bars and grafts.
I never use the internet to chat etc but this experience is truly hellish and only those who have had this type of injury will appreciate why we do want to share our experiences.
Reading through some of your stories and it really rings home how much pain we are all in but if like me there were others on your ward in a much worse nick than you then we should be thankful!
Audzilla Audzilla
46-50, F
Dec 16, 2012