A few saturdays ago, I woke up only to find out my internet provider had discovered I was downloading not so legally. . . > <

I was totally freaking out, not sure if they were going to take away my internet or not.  My dad advised that I remove limewire from my computer so they'd be satisfied that I couldn't download anymore.  I did this eagerly. I would rather not download and have internet then lose my internet entirely.  I think the internet gods were satisfied and my internet is still in tact.  I am happy I get to keep my internet.

But I miss downloading. . .


I am considering getting itunes, but I am not so fond of itunes, and not because they you have to pay.  I'm too used to using winamp for my songs and I know itunes songs cannot be played on winamp.  Oh well, I guess I'll adjust.  

SerenaDragonfly SerenaDragonfly
22-25, F
Mar 25, 2009