Need To Keep It Manageable!

From time to time I downsize my circle.  Usually I delete only those people who have not been on EP at all for a couple of months. . . . I take this to mean they are no longer interested in the site.

Sometimes I delete someone whose interests have obviously moved away from mine and we therefore have nothing in common any more.

And occasionally I delete someone because their entries are filling up "My circle's activity" page . . . .    For example, I have one friend who regularly added thirty or more experiences to their list per day! There was never anything on "My circle's activity" but their latest groups!!!   I have nothing against this except that I want to see what my other friends have been up to - so this brought about this particular delete.

Deleting for me is a managment tool and NOT a personal comment on my friends!   Please feel free to contact me or not; to comment or not; and not to feel ANY compunction to maintain your contact with me if you are busy elsewhere.

Likewise, if I delete you and you want to remain in my circle, please just PM me and I'll welcome you back with open arms!!
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5 Responses Jul 27, 2010

Ha, ha, ha. I have some more pics.

Hey Mewold! It is those very pictures that will KEEP you safe my friend!! :)

Hey; girll, you better KEEP your hand off that 'delete' button whin looking at my profile. You are too valuble as my friend. If you just don't look at my naked pictures, you won't realize what a scoundral I really am.....

I do the same thing for the same reasons! You're a sweetie pie to even post this story, my friend.

good to know. No worries from me. :)