Meh, Whatever, I Hate You All ;p

When I created this account, it was my solace from MissBebe/M0oo. I shared a few bits and pieces, that are now gone, that I felt I couldn't share in that account. But things happened, and the other was deleted and here I am.

I didn't want to add everyone from that account onto this one. In fact, I was scared to add a few because of the situation that caused me to delete it in the first place, solely based on the fear of who they were friends with. But I bit the bullet, I snapped a pair on, and added a few at a time. Obviously there were those who were added immediately.

But as I look through my circle activity, I see names pop up with groups I didn't expect to see them with. I don't like being judgemental, but sometimes...when groups such as "I ****** a dog as my wife watched" (THAT'S AN EXAMPLE, NOT A REAL GROUP) I think to myself...Now what the **** did I see in that person to make me think that they were ok?!

But it's not just groups either, it's friends of friend's again. It's the sarcastic comments or whatevers that are left on my own or other people's stuff. I know people change, but when they turn nasty..nah....

Then there's those who I did send welcome to ep gestures etc.. and pm's when they first joined. Commented on their writing when no one else did because they were new.......and reach out a hand and it gets bitten off.

So yeah, if and when I can be arsed to do it, some of you less than tasteful people will be gone.
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He needed a butt massage last night 0./o

HUGS to rexinator.

Oh ..Oh ...

I should get my *** in gear and do this too... I know what you mean about some of the people... I see some incredibly ******-up story and find the author is in my circle and I'm all "What was I thinking????" Then I realize I was probably just drunk that day.

You're welcome, boys x


Very true lala! My tongue was firmly in cheek there. <br />
<br />
And while I take pride in my pervyness (take note Webster, new word!) I'm not one-dimensional, on here or in real life and I appreciate it when someone recognizes that. Thank you for the add.

aw honey, you do

i hope i make your cut lala. :(

The thing is, I have 'perverse' groups too, but it;s not all that we are about.

Okay, so first you realize that the group you mentioned, if it doesn't exist, will now be created because you mentioned it?!<br />
<br />
Second I'm not sure if I should be flattered or insulted that you added me! I think I'm often pretty "naughty" on here and now you make me sound like I'm just average 'cause I'm in your circle! LOL. Of course I look at your avatar and think, "Yeah, I belong in her circle!" ;)