Personal Space Is At A Premium These Never Know!

Yes, I know it sounds a bit odd for those unfamiliar with this, but I will tell you the truth (and you know by my stories, it isn't always pretty!)

I have always felt claustrophobic around a large group of people for the most part but it seems as I have gotten older, my sensitivity to energy has grown and my personal space is pretty damn; well...personal!

Take the woman behind me in line the other day at the grocery store. I always have a gazillion coupons so I like to use the self-checkout kiosks and take my time if the store isn't too busy. I am just swiping my coupons  when the lady behind me starts unloading her crap on the register.  (Now you get ONE southern "sweetness" before I light into you for being rude and sometimes you are lucky to get that if I am in pms-mode or the moon is in the right position.)

So, I turn to her and smile. "I am not done here and will be a little longer." Now mind you, this is said in a Gentle yet FIRM one. She ignores it and continues to pile more **** in front on my checkout.. Now you know that we southern women have a gift....We can curse out your Mama and thus your entire family tree; all the while you think we are complimenting you! syrupy sweet you get diabetes before we're done!

"Look..I appreciate you trying to manage your time by getting a jump on this but you need to realize that you're rude and in my personal space. Now the register across from this one is open and you can get out of here faster because you are slowing me down having to address your hateful ***..Back off!  AND BLESS YOUR HEART!" She was stunned; like a beauty queen who just found out she placed 2nd runner up.

She got her stuff, rolled her butt over the open register and gave me back my personal space. I will let people know when they are crossing the line....Generally "THE LOOK" works but in her case, I just let her have it.

The only exception to this is when I am on stage at a show. Maybe it's because there is usually a bouncer and I feel more secure with a big ol' butch woman keeping the performers safe from drunk drama. Maybe it's because the energy is completely different from appreciative folks than ones with a sense of entitlement behind you in the grocery store. Then again, maybe its just because I'm getting older and bitchier..You never know.

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Altered...Glad it isn't just ME!! lol<br />
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Warrior..Hey honey!!!! *frantically waving* You are among one of the nicest folks here on EP...Don't take any crap girl...Let 'em have it!!! (And don't be a stranger<br />
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Dew..I got your back sweetie!!! I HATE it when those jackasses yack on their cells in the library! (Is NOTHING sacred?!?) I have no problem pointing to the "No cell phones" sign and loudly shhhhhh-ing them. If that doesn't work...<br />
There's always TOWANDA!

Back in the day when I was in a lot better shape, taught self-defense, people were polite to me. Ha! Now that I am 66, ill and sometimes in a wheelchair, there is a lot more rudeness! <br />
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I was at the library, near the rear tables, when this guy started talking loud on his cell phone. I politely asked him to tone it down and he glared at me. Wonderful part of this story is that my two big sons walked into the area and saw me staring at the guy. Ha! He got his stuff together and left. <br />
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It just seems the older I get the more rude people I run into…DD

Hi Sweetie, Wow its been a long time.<br />
I do know what your saying, the same happens with me.<br />
My space is my space and if their not invited into it, I have no hesitation in letting someone know they crossed whatever line I put out there. I'm a Minnesotan and I'm not Minnesota Nice to rude people. I look like a friendly person but I'm not when I'm fed up with the BS. Sometimes I embarrass others with me, but it doesn't matter. It sucks to be them. lol