It was 7PM and the Cities backdrop glowed in metallic amber against the grey sky. It rained both water and leaden emotion. Although the radio was on and Music hummed, it failed to Breakthrough the Barrier of that monotonous mind set. Chrome like structures danced in a radiants that reflected off the rain water. The city itself was alive.

The aimless drive to nowhere seemed to be shared by all. Out there was a monotonic rhythm, a misery shared and expressed in a cohesive commute to where ever it was we were going. The cold vibrations of the dull and meek were exchanged by all five senses. You could taste, see, feel, hear, and smell the pleasurable misery that collectively defined the day and age. A Nimbus drizzled in all of us.
s0undgarden s0undgarden
18-21, M
Aug 17, 2014