Life is very short, and I feel like I could better spend my time being happy, compassionate, loving, helpful, spiritual, and honest-that way when I die, I can say (if I have time!) that I did the most important things, the most herioc things that human beings are capable of doing. Creating issues that don't exist, making conflicts instead of cooperation and a plauge of apathy-these things are destroying our souls, our reasons to live have become clouded and we reach out however we can, mostly through drama because it seems to be the one consistent thing in the world so far-from our "world leaders" to our best friends.


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nice read! i try to do my best too. try to not be dramtic or over react to things but... hmmm there are times i lose my way.... but i do find my path in time.

Thanks Split, you are sweet!!!!<br />
Love you too

uuhh dito what he said... <br />
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love you

Tis true my lady apricot, the world is not the place it used to be in some ways, nowadays we as a society should answer the question with a resounding voice " we are our bro./sis keeper" we walk the same lands as we did 200 years ago and have continually takeing not giving, the people here before us knew that when you take you must give back. Even in the 60's and 70's the so called anarchachist, or the real group the hippies. <BR>To your subject at hand what I was trying to say accept people as they are not the way someone might think they should be, tall, skinny, plus size girls(YUM), black ,white, Asian or Spanish "all people are created equal and should be able to receive they're inalienable rights in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness." they just don't write like that anymore, yet I have faith that we grow smarter than stronger.

yeah, it is a shame. everyone has regrets; I have plenty. I just don't want to take them out on other people anymore, you know what I mean...

But so many people reach the end of their life regretting that they did not get even with so and so, or that they spent too much time with their spouse, kids, and friends, rather than making more money or partying more or having more casual sex.<br />
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It is a shame to reach the end with all those regrets.

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Thank you, Beate!

That makes more sense....thanks. W. You are well, I hope!


Me too...if ONLY we could create the friends, families and lovers we want...

Save the drama fo yo mama! There's an old ex<x>pression that runs, "Everyone brings joy to the room, some when they enter it, some when they leave." I agree that the best way to help the cause is by being happy yourself, because your own well-being will radiate outwards in words and deeds that have positive impact. When I see people who get twisted up into knots by the smallest inconveniences, I do feel sorry for them.

In some ways, yes. but I would be lying if I said I am at the place I want to be. I guess I just feel like if I am lucky, tomorrow will come-and if I am lucky enough to be alive without too much pain (the pain that others in the world must endure-comparitively-my life is good), I should just be happy to be around. Thanks.

I wish I could claim that, I can say I try. I do put as much honesty into my living as possible, no point agonising over what societies opinion are on my actions, it's up to me if I can bear them (Or hide the action well enough)<br />
You seem a satisfied happy person, Brutmystick, you're strategy for life looks like it works pretty well.