People Who Are Set Apart For Experiences Above And Beyond The Normal

It is not that I have a corner on suffering or that I have unusual experiences.  It is the fact that I have had so many experiences that are usually delved out to others one experience for each person.  I was molested as a child, I had a weight problem my whole life, my husband cheated on me, I was an abused woman, I lost two of my 4 boys to death (one from car surfing and one from suicide) they barely started their lives, my life has been threatened, I was homeless at age 60, in a portable wheelchair, in Alaska (where the shelters are closed during the day) and all these things are on the tip of my memory.  I'm sure I could remember other incidents.  I am not interested in obtaining new friends who have not gone through one or more of these experiences.  I can only relate to people who have had deep emotional pain to overcome in their lives.
Nordicwoman Nordicwoman
Apr 20, 2011