Not Intentionally

Sad and depressing things always look more philosophical and meaningful.

Happiness and laughter are regarded as stupid and shallow.

I wander why?

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@ Voxel: Well spoken, that is to true about the art and movies<br />
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I know the value of a laughter as well<br />
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Thank you for the great comment

I can see what you mean, but...<br />
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Struggling with bouts of depression has taught me to appreciate the happy times and the good things in life. <br />
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But much of the time, like in works of art, such as movies or paintings, for example, work that is intended to make the viewer happy is regarded as shallow and unimportant. Only work that leaves the viewer feeling drained and depressed and questioning the value of humanity is seen as important. <br />
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I totally disagree. I know the value of feeling good. Happiness is not ignorance.

@ Keasbey nights: you mean being human is saddening? and the meaning of life in depressing? Why can't we think about the meaning of life and become happy? or laugh?<br />
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@ sour sweet: I know so many people who have experienced great loss and are not acting depressed, I respect these people.<br />
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@ Paco: I agree with you, but I think depression is more acceptable than joy among people<br />
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@ BBUDS: thanks, share it if you find out why<br />
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@ Frito: well spoken, I totally agree with you, we have to seek joy<br />
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@ wise owl: I believe you are right, it could be empathy<br />
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Thank you all for your great comment

I hold happiness and laughter in a higher esteem. Maybe people are attracted to sadness because of empathy. They want to help and soothe another. Then again, laughter is contagious.

LV I agree with the first 3 posts....there will always be sadness and pain...but joy is the universal balancer...we need to seek it out or at least I do.

I also wonder why all the time.

I agree with the two previous entries along with the fact that by the very nature of life, there exists the full range of emotion and one extreme does not exist without the other. Survival is defendant on the ability to feel joy to alleviate the periods of sorrow and back and forth. <br />
The penalty to feel, is to feel the full range of human emotion. <br />

KeasbeyNights is right, that's why sadness must be respected, at the end of the day, we know that life is tough, death is real, loss is real, exploitation of other living beings too.<br />
Joy is all the more important.