I Am a Dream...

     Dream Cloud Dog is her full name. You can call her Dream. I am Dream, but only at night. No, I don't seriously turn into a wolf, but I made Dream Cloud Dog because that's what I do. I love wolves, and I would love to be one, but I'm not making these posts because I want people to believe them. Im making them to stop being bored. Dream and I are like sisters. We are the same 'person', but still we are apart. If you don't get it, then I don't care. I am a nice person, but I also have a serious side. Trust me. You don't want to catch me when Im pissed. And thats the truth.
Talk to me, and I'll talk.
Ask to be my friend, and I'll accept.
Invite me to a party, and I'll show.
But ask me to do drugs, and I will say no.
Im a person that says yes to basically EVERYTHING you ask me to do, but I don't hurt anyone, including myself.
I'm usually hyper, ya, expecially at night.
I have many friends, and I'm fun to hang out with.
I luv to go out places, whever it is.
So I'm not always a serious person, just at times.
Talk to me, I luv 2 chat ;D

DreamCloudDog DreamCloudDog
Mar 27, 2009