Staying Connected

After a couple of years of random searching, I finally reached my favorite school chums from Elementary, Jr. and Sr. High School on FaceBook. 

~ Yes, I know ~ hangs head in shame ~ 

But these are the kids of my youth, friends of blackened foot from wearing no shoes all summer, playing games like kick the can until the street lights came on.  It was a time before caller ID spoiled all the fun of making Prank Calls:  Is Your Refrigerator Running????

These are the friends I skipped fifth and sixth period with to walk over to Lake St. Claire on the upscale side of Detroit.  I remember the hippie moccasins on our feet, guitars in hand and unmentionable contraban in our shirt pockets and back packs.  

We were well known for being the poorer kids from the 'Cabbage Patch' of Grosse Pointe as we strolled past the mansions of our own Tony Sopranos or Henry Ford's Great Grand children. The looks down their noses told a distinct story.  I was doubly blessed with being the daughter of an overweight ,boisterous, bi-polar, hillbilly mother.  It's a wonder I had any friends at all!  But at least my parents recognized the value of a good education and it didn't take a whole lifetime for me to figure out I was just as smart as the preppy kids, only in cheaper clothing.  Big Whoop!

These are the friends I screamed to Jaws and The Shining with and who snuck me into the Punch N Judy Theater to see Rocky Horror Picture Show on my 16th Birthday.  They were right there when we all learned that Elvis died and when John Lennon was shot.  The ones who taught me how to sing harmony and pluck out Neil Young's 'Needle and the Damage Done' on my first guitar, the people who would give you their last dime so the Shoney's waitress wouldn't go without a small tip & know we'd give her more if we had it. 

It was a time when cashing in a couple of bottles for deposit returns would buy enough gasoline to cruise all night up and down Gratiott *****, bopping our heads like Donna, Eric, Kelso, Fezz, Jackie and Hyde. 

Hitch-hiking to school was common practice when we didn't feel like riding our ten speeds or the catching the bus. And what I wouldn't give to have back the '69 Dodge Dart of my dads, though I was ashamed of it at the time.

These are the best memories of the good old days, with those fun and adventurous spirits.  I never realized how much I miss them.

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Lilt - LOL @ Chuck E Cheese and Jesus on FaceBook. Does that not speak volumns about our society? ha haThanks Pixielita - evidently a lot of us lived throught the 70s in a similar way. It brings a sweet nostalgic smile to my face.Thanks for stopping by. :)

GREAT STORY Drewberry....brought back memories of my own.... thank you :-)

Yar Sailor who is not sad. You know I gladly volunteer to be the Flamingo's Deck Wench! <br />
<br />
~ Shiver Me Timbers ~

We have a business establishment out here called the "Pink Flamingo".... I hear the the compensation is quite good for the particular occupational duties...<br />
(anybody see where I parked my handbasket?)<br />

Indeed. :)

Faucon - you make my chest swell up with pride. You are so sweet to read and give such generous feedback.<br />
<br />
Thank you so much - this is what writers live for and the only reason I pour so much of my soul out here.<br />
<br />
~ Bonefide Comment Hussy ~

LMAO Lilt - Yes, FaceBook is a little creepy. There are people I barely remember making re-connections. But then again, I suppose some of the ppl I am contacting are saying the same thing about me. One never knows if the other person has the same impression from you as they had on you. <br />
<br />
I much prefer my EP friends... Isn't that strange? <br />
<br />
There is something liberating about the privacy here. We can be so much more real and raw. <br />
<br />
~~~~~~ I LOVE YOU EP FRIENDS ~~~~~

I did a drive-by at Facebook recently. I can fully relate. Saw lots of old friends, pictures from 7th grade, and connected with all my 70+ uncles. That place freaks me out. Chuck E. Cheese and Jesus have Facebook pages :-O.

Aww Lilt - That's the nicest thing anyone's said to me in a while. I love you too M'Lady!<br />
<br />

Drew, have I told you lately that I love you?

LMAO Darn~ That's EXACTLY how it went down with us too. Sometimes we got as far as the parkingl ot at school and on our walk to the building when we said our '**** it" also.<br />
<br />
Once I remember our School Counselor passed us and waived to us from her car as we were walking, we would have been busted big time if we showed up on the absentee list for the day, so we didn't skip that time. <br />
<br />
You are so right - school days would have been a huge bore if not for those misguided adventures. <br />
<br />
Thanks for the read and comment.

Thanks Dex - and it's wonderful making new memories with you and all my online friends. <br />
<br />
You guys are just as Rich and Valuable to me as these folks from my past.<br />
<br />
~ luv ya ~ mean it ~<br />
<br />

Great to read this rich slice of your youth, Drew. And I am so pleased you managed to catch up with old friends, inspirig you to relive those times and record them for us. Thank You.

ha ha Roj - this is all I'm willing to throw out there. :)) <br />
<br />
I did link this story into my FaceBook acct for them to see afterall.... can't reveal all my secrets out loud in public ya know..<br />
<br />
:: sinister laugh ::

What angst??? Drew it sounds like you had a great time!

Yeah - good times. Thanks for the read and comment Frito... <br />
<br />
I'd love to hear more teenage angst stories. Surely I'm not the wildest child on this site.....

Nice story Drew....aww really nice story...good times are mostly about spending them with good people! :)

I too never thought about reconnecting with those past people, not after a key person, Charlene died young from Diabetes. I kind of felt my entire past died right along with her. But it's surprising how many people were actually in my life. I'd love to know where they are now.

Hmmm , that was very negative of me .. <br />
<br />
Ok, probably times spent on the beach and in the sea with my grandmother <br />
<br />
Riding a cart horse bareback across the sands ...

When I was in school, I wouldn't let people get close to me. I was very much a loner. It wasn't until I joined the Army 3 days after graduation, that I blossemed and opened up. And even then it was a fairly slow process. I have never been back to a reunion because there is no one I particularly want to see. I wasn't the sweet, wonderful, beautiful, worldly, smart, big peckered, angelic, and totally modest person that I am today. God, I love me!!!!!! <br />
<br />
Oh. Bty, nice story. MUHahahahahaha...............................burp.

Sorry to say there were few ;(

Thanks Tasmin. Feeling nostalgic obviously.What are some of the best memories from your younger years?

Love the way you have written this .. evokes a lot of memories and emotions