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As i type, my mums just had a word with me because she thinks i drink to much. I laughed when she said it and said dont be daft, but now im a little worried, i do drink alot, and i drink by myself as well. She was mad because i came home last night considerbly drunk and me being a stupid idiot told her how much i had to drink, near to 2 bottles of wine! and some vodka on the side. She was saying do you want to die? cos you will if you dont stop, you will screw up your liver.

She hates it when i drink, but anyways, my point was, im drinking alone.... :(

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i have just watched a family member die through being an alcoholic and i would not wish what i seen on my worst enemy it was that bad near her last few days i couldnt even recognise her if you had seen how this person had changed you would think twice before you went on doing what your doing.

blah i drink alone! its not a big deal. and i'm not dead yet either. have fun while you can. I used to be an alcoholic... I just regulate it better now.

i cant help it, when things seam bad, drink. when things are good, celebrate by having a drink, you see.. drink seams to come into my life on every occasion. :( i want to stop before it becomes a real problem, what with my mum being concerned and stuff....

dont drink alone hun .

She's high, I am in Australia!..09:38am <br />
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Cardillp, Thank you for your concerns!...My children are all <br />
<br />
so good!...I can't stop!...Don't you think I haven't tried?<br />
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I appreciate your thoughts!!

You may be drinking alone for the rest of your life . Stop drinking and join the world and start feeling how great life can be. I married an alcoholic my kids still suffer because of it

im pretty drunk now.... ewww i hate red wine :P i would drink it though to be fair, i just prefer white wine though :D<br />
yeah im in the UK unfortuantly :( bloody cold weather, where you from?

I am drinking with you at 7am!!(MARCH 1<br />
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At 56 I am living on borrowed time!<br />
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You are in the U.K are you?<br />
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That word DAFT has a lot of memories for me!<br />
<br />
Oh, I forgot!....I have a cask of RED WINE!)