Passion Driven

I see plenty of people that are driven by all sorts of things to get what they need in life. Love, sex, wealth, and power are some of the most popular. As for me, I don't find anything more inspiring then something I am passionate about, or hearing about someone who had a passion for something. I think it's a powerful tool to use. People with power always fall, sex is a temporary fix, love is blind, and wealth will never truly make you happy. Some of the most famous people through history had a passion for what they believed in or what they did, they changed the way we think and the way the world thinks. Artists, movement leaders (Gandhi, M.L.K.Jr., Harvey Milk), Philosophers, Astronomers, etc. They all had dreams and followed them, doing so changed how we learn, see the world and the laws in our country.

I am, also, passion driven. I what to share my passion with the world through my art, hairdressing and makeup skills, my social beliefs, and what I believe is right. I want to make people think, make the question what is going on in their world. Open people's minds with ideas and wonders.

Most people like myself, will go through hard times, and have very stubborn sense of wrong and right. Though, when we want something, we don't stop until we complete the task at hand, maybe touch the hearts and minds of a few people along the way.
SolsticeArcher SolsticeArcher
22-25, F
Sep 14, 2012