Don't Need It

I don't do drugs at all.  I have done and tried in the past a few times which I can count on my fingers for how many times I have done it. I never got hooked on it.  I smoked cause it was available or else I wouldn't have gone out of my way getting some.  I have done ash & weed and I once tried coke and did not like it.  People like experiencing in life and this is exactly what I wanted to do, experience.  When I have done it, I liked the fact that it relaxed me.
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2 Responses Aug 29, 2010

kayaker712: Totally agree with the fact that prescribed meds are worse then illegal drugs.<br />
I don't do drugs and also I don't like prescribed meds as well, I take it only if its an emergency and if I need it badly, other than that, none will do for me.

I hope that your being drug averse extends to physician prescribed pharmaceuticals as well. They are way more dangerous than any illegal drug that is available.