My View On Drugs..

Growing up with a best friend who had an alcoholic father and 3 chain smokers in the family, I got a look into part of the bad side of drugs/alcohol.. It's never appealed to me since.

Also, I like having control over my life, I don't want to lose the ability to think relatively straight.. If I do something I regret later, at least it's because of me, and to a certain extent I know at least that it was something *I* wanted, not something whatever drug I was taking made me want.

I don't disrespect people who have taken drugs though, we all make different choices. It's not a question of feeling superior or inferior, just a personal choice that affects, like everything else, the outcome of your life.

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I agree with you. If its your style, then fine, but its not my thing - I make a big enough idiot of myself and have little control over my actions as it is without too much help from mind altering substances!

Drugs do suck.

Glad pot's not one of'em!

Seriously; drug dependency issues are sad, from nicotine to amphetamines and everything in between.

Glad pot's not one of'em!