I Am Not Sure Who I Am Anymore

When i was a child i would have lurid dreams.. and i everytime i sat down outside and closed my eyes i was go into a deep medaitation and i would always be in the woods.. I still do...it comes and goes.. I always dreamed of black wolf saveing me. He was with me for a long. I then started to not only see him in my dreams...but in the physcial world. i met this guy online who told me that it was dangerous so i stoped and told the wolf to go away. Ever since he left i felt awful..i have been paranoid..i feel like something is out to get me...the wolf would always save me..or make me feel better when i was upset. Lately when i go walk in the woods i feel as if someone or something is watching me..i cant sleep becuase i know i will have a nightmare. i'm scared of alot of things..i dont know who i am anymore. I talked to a future teller and she said i was a "druid" but i dont really think that is true..
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Dec 15, 2012