I Am Drunk...

i don't know why i want to cry now..i know i drunk now..but this feeling is so strong..i usually don't cry or be it is like that i never cry in my full consciousness,,but after drinking now i want to cry..but this feeling making a sense of goodness in me....yes i have issues in my life...but i don't express in general.. but now after drinking whole emotion are coming to me..i don't know what it is? is it m sad to my life..but i don;t ever admit that,,but now m don't control about it.. m totally control less.. but this felling out of control is amazing.. God what wrong with me?
life008 life008
26-30, M
1 Response Jul 11, 2010

My friend also cries when she's drunk. I think it is genetic. It's just a reaction. Some people cry when they get drunk, especiallly if they are the kind of person who never cries in full consciousness. Some people are angry when they are drunk. Some people are happy when they are drunk. The happy drunks generally have the best success in rehabilitation programs like Alcoholics Anonymous if they drink so much they become alcoholic. Don't worry about it! ; )