Drunkers Day...errr Night

I am definitely tdrunk because I'm convinced my friend is trying to blackmail me. He's trying to convince me to send him pictures of me making the ridiculous faces I'm currently making, but I'm like nay, you want to blackmail me because I'm pretty. LOL! He says that doesn't make sense. It makes sesnse to me! After this...I told him that a squared + b squeared = c squares and upin saying this realized I should've gone to precaclusus drunk the entire time I was taking the bloody subject. I would've earned better than a C+ if I had. Effing hell!

I want to drunk dial someone, but I don't have their number. FML. Nobody believes me when I say I could be drunkers, but it's true. I don't think aynone could ask for my adviec right now becaus e I would simply say that candy makes the world go round and as a reuslt solves all problems. So eat candy! My favorite is Milky Way, such a delicious candy bar.

I did bad things earlier, btu that doesn't matter. Yay Malibu! You made my day. I am able to get through my reading for classes thanks to you, otherwise I'd proibably be sleeping through them. which isn't cool. I want to dance with someone right now, but I have no one ot dance with. Oh well! I'll just dance with Shakespeare.
philosophicmyth philosophicmyth
26-30, F
Sep 25, 2010