It Possible??

So, I was hanging out with a couple of my friends tonight drinking a few. One of my friends mentions how he hasn't had sex in almost two years. Although it hasn't been that long for me, I feel like I can completely relate to what he is talking about. Like my friend, my heart was broken pretty badly in my last relationship. We're both slowly recovering and just trying to tackle one day at a time. He's a good looking guy, so I'm pretty sure that if he really wanted to, he could hook up with another person without too much trouble. I know, however, that he's looking for more than just sex. He wants more. When he does find the right person, his experience will be more incredible than any one night stand or casual fling. It really will be like having sex again for the first time, like a virgin. That, I think, is absolutely worth the wait.
Dreamzer8 Dreamzer8
26-30, F
Dec 30, 2010