JUST For Now An Im Tired of Playing Video Games

 so tonight me anbd my husband stayed home and he is playing games witgh his frined im tried of playing but damn im kinda buzzexd not so much drunk just buzz

sothisisme sothisisme
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6 Responses Jan 1, 2009

Oh.. adult men that engage in computer games rather than taking care of their wives deserve to have their wives taken care of elsewhere! Bill

So have your husband drive ya down to the local pub, get dropped off so that he and his friend can go play their games while ton's of guys buy ya drinks and dance the evening away! Then call the hus when your ready to head on home and DO NOT SHARE ANY OF THE EVENING EVENTS WITH HIM! Name the time and place and I'll be there! Bill

hahahah.... well i feel like it is ground hog day ... my husband and his friend are playing the same game and drinking.... only diff is that i am not his friend is cool and all but the other day my husaband told me that he thinks i like his friend a little too much... which is not the case im just not rude to him, but ya the friend cooked us dinner and is spending the night AGAIN.... oh well guess no action for me tonight ... boooo !

i can tell lol on new years my hubby told me i was dancing on the floor shakin my *** lol

oh my god this is the first time that i looked back on this story... i was pretty messed up... look at my spelling hahaha