A Drunk Story

lol my husband decided to get me drunk *thinking he would get sex* (he was saddenly mistakened) lol. neways, so i start doing shot after shot of yeager. ( not sure how to spell it) 
and i mean, im a lightweight, i dont drink much and im skinny so it dont take much to get me stupid. I started singing my abcs after about the 4th shot to show him i wasnt tipsy yet *even tho i was* and as soon as i was finished idk what the hell came over me but i decided to run in circles... yes.. in circles like a dog chasing his tail. lol. and i was laughing like an idiot the entire time. then i started stripping and running through my house naked.
at that time my husband was trying to get my son to go to bed and i happened to find my camera. he was in the room with the lights off trying to rock chadwick to sleep and i just happend to open the door and take a few pictures in the dark of him. I thought it was the funniest thing ever. he started yelling at me saying I was blinding him lol (i later looked at him in the pictures when i was sober and its even more funny) then i did myself, right in the face and all i could see was this horrible colorful square that kept floating around in my eyes. lol... i tried to follow that square and i slammed head first into the wall..

lol. i some how made it to bed and passed out and woke up with a hangover that lasted two days.  yep thats my drunk story lol

ctzellers ctzellers
18-21, F
Feb 19, 2009