New Diagnosis

well, I went to the hospital because mentally i was breaking down bad and had a very thin grasp of reality and consiquaince.... I was always under the impression that I was bi polar, at least that is what i was told since i was 14. Soooo..... they took me off all the meds i was on and put me on new ones and sent me out into the world..... Now I am waiting (probably will be for about a year) to get into this DBT therapy, also I have call a few different head docters and described my diagnosis and needs and now I am at a stand still, on waiting list everywhere but no help is comming, I am frusterated because I am slowly slipping away emotionally again and there is no help, I reached out but to what avail??? I am sick of waiting for the phone to ring, Why is bpd such a scary thing fro even the shrinks???
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thank you... it is kinda relieving to here that the dbt program works.

Hang in there... My daughter is both BPD and Bipolar. I have been told that both of these illnesses are often presented together. I feel for can't be easy. I can tell you though, that my daughter went through a couple of session of DBT and for her, it was definitely worth the wait. She has struggled with this for many years and so I understand how you would feel helpless. Keep in touch with your dr.'s... and don't give up. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel... and it is bright. So keep fighting! Good luck to you!!!