Past Life On A Nother Planet

maybe it's hard to understand but for me it feels normal to think this way I have a wife and a daughter now seen 2 times their planet similar to earth but the houses are smaller and there are more trees, more nature more healthy everything the little girl came up to me not older than 5 years and held my right hand, she knows me she has light brown hair and a kind of dress colors her ​​mother has brown hair and a flowered dress feels like it's my wife and daughter? Several weeks later I have seen them again but there was something going on there were all kind of robots cyborgs? my wife and daughter were in a panic I tried to protect them I had some sort of Machete and I cut in the robot but it did not matter he healed himself instant it was not like the cyborg robot more alive I could not protect my wife and daughter I yell at them run in that building was a small building with a small entrance I thought that there may be safe because the thing was to big and tall etc than I woke up I was upset I could not help them and i aim 99.9% this is was my wife and daughter the girl looked little bit as me when she held my hand it felt I know her the second time I got back it felt like an invasion every where people panicking there was no sound I mean of course there is sound but I could not hear anything just see so aim still upset it's hard to describe o I remember something the gravity is much less than here on earth because I could jump little bit higher normal I also when the thing cyborg came after us is like 3meters and I am 1.80 so I jumped and slashed at it couple of times
the third time I have seen this women again she came and sit next to me I was on a space craft she touched my head than my face en kissed me it felt like saying good by ? than I was instand outside on earth I look up there is a very big space ship that's al I can remember I think about them every day I feel guilty that I could not help them !! I don't know what to doe anymore I know its a weird story but it is what it is
soufian1984 soufian1984
26-30, M
Dec 1, 2012