No Idea

I have no idea. what i am upto. Unable to focus on work.
Its all started with my personal life getting messed up. I fell for a gal without even realizing that love is just a pain. I couldn't help. I just fell in love and then my story of being dead started. It started as a long distance. she is in europe in a diamond capital and i am in Asia. when i met her she told me that she loved me and she wants me to introduce me to her parents when she gonna be europe as back at that time there were things not right due to her grandmother surgury.

I believed her. Now she is there from last 4 months. As per her she will not introduce me to his parents before this year x mas for sure. She don't reply sometimes n as she thinks i dont trust her. she shared her pics with other guys.. which is fine. Her petty pics of body parts she shared with some non reliable person. However, she told me all this and i m totallly fine with her sharing her pics and stuff with people she has not met.

The only thing bugging me is the word commitment. As per she has all the time for me but honestly i don't feel that. she only msgs me with one word that too only for after long. She starts her day and most of the times i have no idea what she is up to. She jsut dont pick calls she only calls when she is alone at home even then sometimes she don't speak.

If i ask her something or say something she takes me as a guy who dont trust her.. i do trust her.. for sure... but sharing stuff is also part of relationship..

i am jsut dieing .. from inside.. i have met so many wrong ones that i know she is the one for me and for the first time i feel something like this for some one.

its her perosnal space and i respect that but cant she give me sometime...

i am not feeling fine.. things inside killing me.,
coz of all this my work life is suffering... i have been rated badly in this year performance appraisal.
I want to change my city for her.. but nothing seems to be working as if now.. seems like stuck.....

ky86 ky86
22-25, M
May 11, 2012