So here it goes: I married the woman of my dreams a year ago. I got my dream job not too long ago. And I love to run. While working a month ago I fell about 40 ft and shattered my pelvis, tailbone, and several ribs. I can't work at my dream job, I can't run anymore, and I found out my wife has been sexting her old boyfriend. My wife told me she is unhappily married and feels like she made the biggest mistake in her life. I am helpless in my broken state. I would rather fall 40 ft again than to feel the pain I am going through with no job, no running and the woman I love betraying me. My world that I've worked so ******* hard for is crumbling I front of my eyes
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I'm very sorry to hear that. I can only imagine what u r going thru. Trust me this shall pass away and you will wonder why you felt so painful when you didn't need to. I recently went thru divorce. Two months from making a decision to moving out I felt the most pain and i couldn't sleep or eat. Of course it was horrible but Now I'm thinking i didn't have to torture myself that much. For now focus on getting better physically. It's very difficult to control your mind when you r not physically well. You will be fine. Probably it's better you found out that your wife is not happy. Now You can either fix the marriage or move on. Imagine 15 years from now she tells you she's been unhappy for 15 years and she wants a divorce when you r like 40. Id like to believe that things happen for a reason and people come into ur life for a reason. It's up to us whether we recognize good in it and learn from our life experience. Hope this cheers u up. And please remember you are not alone. We are all in this together making the best out of what's given.

Thanks, it's tough alright. All I can think of sometimes is how happy we used to be and how much in love we were. I still love her, I meant every word in my wedding vow. It hurts to think that she doesn't

I'm very sorry. Maybe I was never in love like u before that it might be impossible for me to understand the gravity of ur pain. (I married my ex for wrong reasons. What would I know about love... ) Hope everything works out.